Live Concert Recordings: An Old Topic Is New Again

For whatever reason, recordings and all the union driven guidelines around them, seem to be a hot topic. Everything from cell phone driven UGC (user generated content) to archival recordings keep popping up. In one instance, I had a composer colleague ask about why it is so difficult to obtain copies of archival recordings of premier works to use for promotional purposes to a general lack of understanding about how the …

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Finally, Some Positive News On Music Licensing

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On 9/18/18, the Us Senate passed the Music Modernization Act (MMA) of 2018, S.2334, with unanimous consent. That’s not a typo, the Senate passed legislation with unanimous support, moreover, it was legislation addressing the way mechanical licensing works. In English, that’s the process used to make sure songwriters, producers, and engineers are paid royalties, how that money is collected, and how funds are distributed. Among the MMA’s numerous articles, are sections …

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Meet The Latest Red Herring That Will Screw Up Media Agreement Negotiations For Years To Come

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Without a doubt, technology and music piracy have gone hand in hand over the years and it should come as no surprise that negotiations surrounding recording and broadcast media agreements are driven by these very issues. The results of those negotiations can seem odd to those on the outside looking in, such as the requirement for an orchestra to add artificial noise to live recordings as an effort to prevent anyone …

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Recording Compensation Poll Results

On 3/19/2009, readers were asked to answer the question “Should an orchestra administration be expected to provide special compensation to musicians for recording marketing/education/outreach material?” At just over 200 responses the results don’t provide a clear majority opinion but they do provide additional insight into this topic…

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Everyone Loves A Good Horse Race

With just over 75 votes at the time this piece is written, Tuesday’s poll asking whether or not an orchestra administration should be expected to provide special compensation to musicians for recording marketing/education/outreach material has produced a 50/50 split with two uncertain votes. Given the level of depth to this issue, it seems reasonable to keep the poll open through this evening so everyone has an opportunity to vote…

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