How To Connect With New Media: Action List

A number of readers have requested a condensed, list-style version summarizing the main points from the How To Connect With New Media series of articles. Since the majority of those requests originated from Weekly Email Summary subscribers, what better way to demonstrate how much reader feedback is appreciated than to offer this article as a special “Subscribers Only” installment. If you missed any of the original articles in the series you …

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Search Results

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Perlman x 2

The Westchester Philharmonic’s recent decision to appoint Itzhak Perlman as artistic director received a double-dose of attention this week in the New York media. The New York Times published an article by Dan Wakin which examines Mr. Perlman’s trek toward a regular conducting gig. The other article was published as an opinion piece in Newsday by me and focuses on how Perlman’s appointment may influence the balance between regional orchestras in the New York area as well as give the Westchester Phil an opportunity to "Advance to Go"…

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Adaptistration Internal Service Project

When Adaptistration moved to its new server on October 15, 2007 it had 12,000+ entries containing 1.2 million words, thousands of links, and hundreds of embedded pics, tables, graphs, and charts. Although moving that much data would normally involve endless headaches, everything made it from URL "A" to URL "B" in one piece. Well, almost in one piece. Due to the nature of changing URL’s, there were a few unavoidable potholes …

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