James Russell Gets It

The 6/28/09 edition of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC) published a guest column by James Russell, the architecture critic for Bloomberg. For my money, Russell is one of the rare visionary writers in this country. His onetime blog, Sticks and Stones, was a beacon of insight and reason that not only predicted the 2008 housing fiasco years in advance, but it regularly covered issues related to architecture and concert hall design. Russell’s AJC piece examines the pros and cons related to the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra’s (ASO) decision to shelve plans for the Santiago Calatrava designed concert hall…

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Atlanta’s 12 Month Bump In The Road

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According to a report from WXIA (provided by the Atlanta Business Chronicle and written by Ryan Mahoney), Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue decided against granting a $50 million request from the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. The ASO requested the money as part of their gorgeous $300 million Santiago Calatrava designed concert hall project… Back in the early part of December, 2005 I published an article entitled A Little Too Much Faith In The …

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A Little Too Much Faith In The Government?

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A recent article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution highlights some of the fundraising hurdles the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra is attempting to surmount with regard to their planned concert hall. The article reports that if the ASO doesn’t receive the government support they’ve requested, the concert hall project may be delayed or not go through as planned… Reportedly, the ASO has asked their local and State governments to contribute $100 million (combined) toward …

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