Strad Heist Gets Vanity Fair Treatment

The Lipinski Stradivarius robbery crossed one more notoriety threshold this month thanks to a feature article via November issue of Vanity Fair in an article by Buzz Bissinger. According to an inside source close to the story, it is one of the most thorough accounts to date and you can access the article by picking up a print copy or online subscription. In addition to Bissinger’s article, NPR’s Daniel Hajek published …

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Just When You Thought It Was Done


It seemed like the story behind the Lipinski Strad robbery was winding down; suspects were apprehended, the instrument and bows were returned, and all that remained were the gears of the remaining investigation and likely trial. But all of that took a sharp left turn when one of the suspects, Salah Salahadyn, walked into the Milwaukee NBC affiliate TMJ4 on 2/18/2014 and gave an on-camera interview to discuss why he stole …

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Closure Is Good


Unless you’ve been in some sort of personal media blackout, it’s difficult to avoid all of the news surrounding the discovery and return of the Lipinski Stradivarius last weekend. In addition to performing a special recital on 2/10/2014, the Lipinki’s current steward, violinist Frank Almond, has started talking about the event now that the investigation is wrapping up. In what one can only imagine had to be one hell of an …

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lipinski strad

The original idea for today was to officially launch the Orchestra 990 Database Project Kickstarter campaign but thanks to the astoundingly slow process at Amazon Payments, the launch cycle has been pushed back a bit. We’re looking at Monday, 2/9/14 as the new launch date. Fortunately, the Lipinski Strad ordeal ended the week on a high note with police arresting three suspects and recovering the violin. At the time this article …

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Lipinski Strad One Step Closer To Recovery Recovered


UPDATE: 12:00 noon CT: police news conference live telecast (FYI, a bit frustrating to watch with commercials and no firm broadcast time). UPDATE 7:50am CT: the instrument has been reported as recovered and in good condition. A major break in the Lipinski Stradivarius theft transpired yesterday afternoon with the arrest of three suspects ranging in age from 32 to 46. According to the 2/5/2014 edition of in an article by Ashley …

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