The Empire Strikes Back

Crisis management public relations is never easy and there is a good reason entire PR firms exist for the sole purpose of helping individuals and organizations’ deal with negative press in a way that marginalizes damage and ultimately brings about favorable public opinion. Traditionally, orchestras tend to deal with negative press using one a few blunt tools that aren’t very effective in bringing about the sort of change appropriate crisis PR management can accomplish. One common example is to responding to negative public attention that doesn’t merit much hope for changing views is to lash out against the author, which is known as argumentum ad hominem, a logical fallacy often employed by politics as a propaganda tool…

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Reeling From A One-Two Punch In Phoenix

Local and national news outlets hammered the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra last week by openly challenging the institutional image portrayed in a recent organizational press release. In particular, both articles report on the string of recent labor problems…

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News Of Phoenix’s Budget Troubles (sort of)

The 4/1/2009 edition of The Arizona Republic published an article by Jahna Berry that reported news about revenue woes at the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra (PSO). Unfortunately, the article is short on details although it does report about some revenue shortages. At the same time, there is mention of some cost cutting measures already enacted by the PSO…

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Playing Catch-up

There’s only time for a quick post today: first, check out a slew of passionate comments to Stephen Lemons’ piece about the Phoenix Symphony brouhaha. Next, the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra (WCO) issued their last, best, and final offer to musicians but don’t think that’s the end; the musicians have indicated they plan to wait on voting until after the NLRB issues a decision on their regressive bargaining complaint. But wait, there’s …

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Bad Stuff In Phoenix Indeed

Over at Abu Bratsche, Robert Levine published an article on 3/23/09 entitled Bad stuff in Phoenix which brings to light ongoing events inside the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra regarding a slew of complaints resulting from what Robert describes as “general nastiness by the Phoenix Symphony management and Music Director Michael Christie.” But once you learn more about what has transpired over the past few years, you might think Robert’s description was downright polite…

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