“Must Have” Info About The New Twitter

If you aren’t already aware, Twitter is in the process of gradually nudging users toward the updated user interface and although it is undeniably better than its predecessor, it does have one annoying drawback that will likely cause a pain in your neck: it isn’t compatible with most custom backgrounds…

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Calling All Creative Types!

Following up on yesterday’s article, today’s post will provide a direct example for how to design and implement a social networking based project to increase outreach and participation in your organization’s new media activity. Feel free to use any or all of this example in your own efforts. So without further ado, let’s get to business…

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A Step By Step Guide To Improving Outreach Through Social Media

Last Friday’s new media quick-start guide for Twitter was a BIG hit, thanks to everyone for the wonderful feedback. Ultimately, I’m very happy so many folks are getting something useful out of the advice. One of the questions that came in via email was if I had any ideas for using one new media platform to strengthen outreach efforts and build interest in a second new media platform. Yes. Yes I do…

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A New Media Quick-Start Guide for Cultural Orgs: Twitter

I had a fascinating conversation with a colleague the other week that started off when she asked the following question: Which social media services should [our organization] jump into first? Although answering a question with a question is a bit cagey, my response was Why start with more than one? Following the latest Orchestra Website Review, it was hard not to notice that a number of orchestras included links to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, etc. but the reality is most of those companion sites weren’t being used efficiently…

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