Details from the WCO Settlement

Over the course of 2009 Take A Friend To Orchestra month, the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra (WCO) reached a settlement; however, news reports have not focused on the agreement’s details. But since this is a negotiation we’ve been following for several months, it seems appropriate to examine some of those details, especially those sticking points that kept the agreement out of reach for so long…

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Point-Counterpoint In Madison

The musicians of the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra (WCO) issued a press release on 3/26/2009 announcing plans to picket WCO offices at 3:00p.m. CT and then move to the state Capitol to protest WCO Board tactics throughout their prolonged contract negotiations. Details of recent events in those negotiations and reasoning behind the latest round of offers have finally been made available…

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Playing Catch-up

There’s only time for a quick post today: first, check out a slew of passionate comments to Stephen Lemons’ piece about the Phoenix Symphony brouhaha. Next, the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra (WCO) issued their last, best, and final offer to musicians but don’t think that’s the end; the musicians have indicated they plan to wait on voting until after the NLRB issues a decision on their regressive bargaining complaint. But wait, there’s …

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Fearing Fear Itself

The labor situation at the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra (WCO) continues to grind forward. At the conclusion of an article from 3/12/2009, we were awaiting a response from Daniel A. Kaplan, the attorney representing the WCO for these negotiations, on details behind why the WCO has engaged in what has been called by some in the business as regressive bargaining practices. Although Mr. Kaplan acknowledged receipt of the request for information he has unfortunately not provided those details…

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An Interesting Take On The WCO

Robert Levine posted an intriguing piece over at Abu Bratsche on 3/6/2009 regarding ongoing developments with the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra (WCO) negotiations. Never the dull writer, Robert launches the post with this gem, “Labor disputes never bring out the best in employers, and orchestras are no exception.”…

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