A Notice To All Orchestras About Online Donations

Not enough time, not enough staff, not enough technical understanding, or not enough capital to institute online giving? Hogwash, excuses are irrelevant. My blog neighbor Andrew Taylor, featured an excellent article yesterday providing links to a report which reviews a dozen online donation tools. Don’t forget that the average score for the category of Online Donations was a paltry 11.6 out of 20 for the 2005 Orchestra Website Review.

A Little Too Much Faith In The Government?

Adaptistration People 118

A recent article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution highlights some of the fundraising hurdles the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra is attempting to surmount with regard to their planned concert hall. The article reports that if the ASO doesn’t receive the government support they’ve requested, the concert hall project may be delayed or not go through as planned… Reportedly, the ASO has asked their local and State governments to contribute $100 million (combined) toward …

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Yale, Yale, Yale

The music business is aflutter with Yale’s recent announcement that it’s graduate music program will be tuition free. Some people claim this is good for the orchestra business and others claim it’s only going to hurt. The Partial Observer published a piece of mine today which examines how the Yale gift will likely impact the orchestra business and classical music.

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