More On Applause

My Arts Journal blog neighbor, Doug Ramsey, posted a fascinating entry yesterday about a jazz musician, Bill Kirchner, who is experimenting with attempts to get his audience to cease-and-desist from applauding after solos. It’s all quite fascinating when you compare it to orchestra concerts; consequently, the topic would have made good fodder for an episode of “The Twilight Zone”…

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Lower Ticket Prices = Jail Time

There was an interesting article in the 11/23/05 edition of the L.A. Times by AP writer, Rhea Wessel, about an event which recently transpired in France. Apparently, Volker Hartung, the Cologne New Philharmonic conductor and executive administrator, was put in jail for two days while being quested over the charge that he violated French labor law by underpaying his musicians. According to Hartung, that was necessary in order to charge lower than average ticket prices…

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Jacket Not Required

Recently, I had the good fortune to attend a Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra concert in their home venue which included a performance of Wieniawski’s 2nd violin concerto, featuring MSO concertmaster, Frank Almond, as soloist. The concerto was programmed as the second piece that evening and up until Frank walked out, everything about the concert was just like what you would expect from any orchestra concert…

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Setting The Stage For Online Distribution In San Diego

There was an interesting article in the November 19th edition of the San Diego Union-Tribune by Preston Turegano which reported a that the San Diego Symphony will receive a $150,000 gift from The Copley Press Inc. (who also publishes the Union-Tribune). Apparently, the money will sponsor local radio broadcasts of 14 San Diego Symphony Masterworks concerts from the 2005-2006 season and six concerts on National Public Radio…..

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