So How Do You Really Feel About Managers Yuri?

“Bah! Management!” That’s a quote from outgoing Baltimore Symphony Orchestra music director Yuri Temirkanov from an interview with Washington Post staff writer, Tim Page. That wasn’t the only thing Temirkanov had to say about the end of his tenure with the organization… The article goes on to quote Temirkanov on a number of issues impacted by the organization’s current economic difficulties. For example, Temirkanov hinted strongly that reducing the BSO’s season …

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Funky Comment Control

In an attempt to refine Adaptistration’s junk comment filter there may be a slightly longer delay between when comments are submitted and when they appear. If, for any reason, you submitted a comment and it isn’t up yet, send me an email letting me know so I can make sure it didn’t inadvertently get snagged by the spam filter. In proper Murphy’s Law fashion, yesterday’s blog is generating a good deal …

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Ticket Prices: The Topic With Staying Power

My wife sent me a copy of an article appearing in the 05/30/06 online edition of about ticket prices at amusement parks. It seems that one of the largest parks, Cedar Point, is bucking the industry trend and actually lowering ticket prices by $5.00 for adults. Additionally, they are cutting the price on one of their highest profit margin concession items by lowering the price of cotton candy from $3.00 a stick to only twenty-five cents…

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