How Does New Music Get To The Audience?

I’ve received a number of email messages over the past week from readers asking how new music gets from a composer to an audience. As such, in preparation for some upcoming discussions on that subject here and at (as well as the current material available at NewMusicBox), I put together a basic primer designed to provide some answers…

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All About Grant Park

As the recipient of 50% of their revenue from government sources, the Grant Park Music Festival in Chicago, Illinois is the closest thing the U.S. has to a government sponsored ensemble. The organization utilizes a unique operational model worth taking a look at and they go a long way toward breaking down some commonly positions about how orchestral organizations function with regard to programming and attendance…

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Is There Room In The CBA For Composers?

Stemming from the Orchestra Summit 2006 discussion panel I moderated for New Music Box, the issue of including composers in the collective bargaining agreement became in intriguing topic. That topic will be explored in more detail at from June 19-23 during their June Virtual Discussion Panel, but in the meantime I wanted to find more out about what composers thought of the idea…

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Reporting On Ticket Prices

Following on the heels of the popular ticket price article from June 1st, 2006 the Wall Street Journal published an article by Jacob Hale Russell on June 4th that reports on the "The Price Is Right. Or Is It?" session from the 2006 ASOL conference. According to the article, it appears my forecasts weren’t far off the mark…

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