Full Blown Retreat Mode

I’m in Rochester, NY for the next two days taking part in the polyphonic.org strategic planning retreat. Given all the attention focused on strategic planning issues here over the past year the next few days hold a great deal of promise. In the meantime, stop by Brian Dickie’s blog: Life as General Director of Chicago Opera Theater. Brain does a really wonderful job at offering up an inside glimpse into the …

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Some Recent Comments Spark Good Points

In case you’ve missed it, there’s a good comment thread from the June 24th blog about the articles from two music critics; one in Pittsburgh the other in Detroit. The blog has sparked an intriguing exchange between the Detroit music critic, Mark Stryker, a music director, an executive director, and more…

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High Tech On The Cheap

It isn’t easy living life as a small budget organization. Everything eats into your budget and nothing is cheap, even paperclips add up. One of the largest ongoing office expenses is office productivity software. However, some recent advances in open source products might make your life significantly easier. One such product I’ve been playing around with the past few months is Mozilla’s Sunbird Project, a stand alone calendar application…

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