TAFTO 2007 Contribution – Magda Krance

You know what? There’s more to the world of large classical music ensembles than just orchestras. In fact, much like the vocal celebrities they feature, opera organizations don’t like it very much when you don’t pay them the attention they deserve. As such, TAFTO 2007 is featuring a special mini-series that focuses the spotlight firmly on the world of opera.

The first of two contributions for this mini-series comes from Magda Krance, manager of media relations, from the famed Lyric Opera of Chicago. Keeping in proper Midwestern form, Magda speaks right from the heart about an art form she clearly adores and I know that you’ll be yearning for an opportunity to take a friend to any one of the many marvelous opera productions throughout the country (although you really should consider making a special trip to Chicago)…

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TAFTO 2007 Contribution – Bill Harris

Is TAFTO, or any other word of mouth audience development program, genuinely capable of having any measurable impact on concert attendance? To help figure out a quantifiable answer to that question Bill Harris, a friend and colleague of mine, came up with a brilliant solution to address these issues which grew into the TAFTO contribution below. Furthermore, this is another fabulous example of a TAFTO entry created by “thinking outside the box” which seem to pop up every year .

As such, while attempting to write an introduction for this TAFTO entry I discovered that it was simply impossible to fit everything I needed to say into two paragraphs. As such, I used my April column at The Partial Observer to publish an article which serves as a suitable introduction and also provides some additional background. In the meantime, every orchestra manager and board member out there from the biggest budget ensemble right through volunteer groups must take time out of their day and read Bill’s contribution. It simply is that significant…

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TAFTO 2007 Contribution – Jesse Rosen

If you’re an orchestra manager and haven’t heard of the American Symphony Orchestra League’s Jesse Rosen before then it is likely that you haven’t been in the business for very long. All the same, much like many of the managers in this business, the name Jesse Rosen is less likely to be on the tips of patrons tongues.

Fortunately, you’re about to be introduced to Jesse through his fantastic TAFTO contribution where he takes you on a personalized tour through the orchestral experience. And by the way, leave your reading glasses at home, you don’t have to worry about reading the program notes…

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TAFTO 2007 Contribution – Andrew Druckenbrod

Who cares what a music critic thinks; after all, they’re just a bunch of snooty elitists, right? Well, if you subscribe to that sort of universal outlook on classical music, then you’re missing out as Pittsburgh Post-Gazette chief music critic (and recently anointed Post-Gazette classical music blogger) Andrew Druckenbrod has directed his writing skills toward creating one fantastic TAFTO contribution.

In fact, Andrew does a wonderful job at pulling the veil of elitism away and showing you just how easy it is to find ways for you to make classical music important in your life and then share it with others – all under you own terms…

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