Doing The Right Thing In The Worst Possible Way


It is time to weigh in on what’s been unfolding at the Minnesota Orchestra Association (MOA), the processes used, and what the institution can expect moving forward. #1 Henson Removed After a long and fretful debate, the MOA finally decided to remove Henson and although that was clearly the correct decision to make, they managed to go about it in the worst possible way by extending his tenure through the end …

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Breaking News: Chicago Announces Rutter’s Replacement


The Chicago Symphony Orchestra (CSO) released a statement late last night announcing the search committee tasked with finding a replacement for outgoing President Deborah F. Rutter has secured a candidate months ahead of schedule. Beginning Monday, September 1, 2014, outgoing Minnesota Orchestra Association President & CEO Michael Henson will replace Deborh F. Rutter as the CSO’s new President & General Director. In a fortuitous turn of events, I ran into the …

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