Like You Need Another Reminder About Cybersecurity (But Really, You Do)

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In the wake of the Marriott hotel security breach that exposed not only exposed personal information for their customers, but also passport numbers and credit card payment information, it’s worth mentioning that your organization should have several measures in place to handle threats and be prepared to react accordingly in the event of a breach. In a timely announcement, the Nonprofit Technology Network, in conjunction with Microsoft, polled more than 250 nonprofit …

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The Music Of Star Trek Podcast Kickstarter Is Live!

It is official: the Music of Star Trek podcast 30-day Kickstarter campaign is up and running and we need your help to make everything possible. I am all kinds of excited to finally be able to reveal the details we’ve been sitting on for the past month, not the least of which are the rewards. The pilot episode turned out to be a real hit, but it was the response to that show …

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Best Laid Plans

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Originally, today’s post was going to point over to the Kickstarter page for the Music of Star Trek Kickstarter project, but I once again got caught off guard by forgetting about the few days of delay between submitting a project and having it go live. Good news is it’s ready to go once Kickstarter is finished processing everything so keep an eye out for the notice once we reach that point. …

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