Conductor Expiration Dates

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Music Directors are like milk in that they both have expiration dates; or, at least, so goes the old joke. Fortunately for conductors, they have a much longer shelf life and statistically speaking, that runs anywhere from 10 to 12 years. That amount of time usually consists of 2-3 contract cycles and provides most music directors an opportunity to get through the bulk of desired repertoire. If the group was amid …

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New Award Aims To Recognize Programming Excellence

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The Society of Composing Tradition issued a press statement today announcing a new award for orchestras that embrace what it defines as “programming music from composers that have a proven track record of success.” April 1, 2019 SOCIETY OF COMPOSING TRADITION ANNOUNCES NEW AWARD FOR COURAGEOUS PROGRAMMING OF TRADITIONAL REPERTOIRE Program will formalize a system of constructed criteria to recognize effective programming from core and living composers. NEW YORK, 4/1/2019: The …

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