Met Plans To Expand Revenue By Going All-In On Charitable Gaming

While charitable gaming (the fancy term for gambling) isn’t new, it’s not a revenue source most nonprofit performing arts organizations explore. That’s about to change following a recent statement from The Met announcing a new round of charitable gaming revenue streams. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MET ENTERS AN AGREEMENT TO PARTNER WITH GAMEDOZE TECHNOLOGIES TO DEVELOP CHARITABLE GAMING REVENUE PROGRAMS World-renowned Metropolitan Opera Company will launch their 2022-2023 season with one of …

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Met Announces Acquisition Deal With Disney

The Met released the following statement this morning to announce a new exclusive distribution and production deal with the Walt Disney Company. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DISNEY TO ACQUIRE THE METROPOLITAN OPERA COMPANY Global leader in high-quality family entertainment agrees to exclusive distribution and production deal with world-renowned Metropolitan Opera Company, including legendary radio broadcasts and HD simulcast franchise. Acquisition extends Disney’s strategic focus on creating and monetizing the world’s best branded …

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New Award Aims To Recognize Programming Excellence

Adaptistration People 151

The Society of Composing Tradition issued a press statement today announcing a new award for orchestras that embrace what it defines as “programming music from composers that have a proven track record of success.” April 1, 2019 SOCIETY OF COMPOSING TRADITION ANNOUNCES NEW AWARD FOR COURAGEOUS PROGRAMMING OF TRADITIONAL REPERTOIRE Program will formalize a system of constructed criteria to recognize effective programming from core and living composers. NEW YORK, 4/1/2019: The …

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