If San Diego’s New Outdoor Venue Sounds Half As Good As It Looks

I’ve been meaning to find the time to do a deep dive into San Diego Symphony’s (SDS) new outdoor venue, The Rady Shell at Jacobs Park. As of now, finding info online beyond surface level promotional material is hard to come by but that will likely change as we approach the inaugural event on 8/6/2021. The San-Diego Union Tribune published a nice write-up by George Varga about the outdoor facility in …

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Back In The In-Person Concert Saddle

Over the weekend, I attended my first in-person orchestra concert in 15 months and the experience was fantastic. To a large degree, the entire experience reinforced what I have been hoping would be the case in that there are opportunities and advantages connected to socially distanced concert events. This was my first time attending a South Bend Symphony concert. The program included Beethoven Symphony No. 5 and The Rose of Sonora, …

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Don’t Make Me Beat You With A Bassoon

I realized too late that I should have highlighted Sam Bergman’s Take A Friend To the Orchestra post I referenced in a post earlier this week. After all, aren’t you curious to know how begin bludgeoned to death with a bassoon, malfunctioning hearing aids, and why knowing too much about composers can be a bad thing? TAFTO 2005 Contribution: Sam Bergman

We Seem To Have Reached A Good Tipping Point

It seems like every time I turn around, there’s a new job posting at ArtsAdminJobs.com. In the last four days, eight new jobs have been posted and two new profiles have been added to the arts admin resume database. It continues to make be feel increasingly hopeful for the near future, doubly so given the broad range of positions currently listed. There are 41 listings across symphonic, theatre, festivals, dance, opera, …

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Better To Shun The Bait Than Struggle In The Snare

There’s an interesting article by David Rohde from his Medium blog that examines how the traditional telemarketing approach isn’t just a path of diminishing returns, it’s downright self-defeating. Granted, we’ve been examining this very idea for years, but Rohde manages to provide some really useful connections to help drive the point home while keeping a few key points concise. He sets up the discussion with an excellent title: “How Telemarketing Helped …

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