Don’t Get Caught In This Accessibility Crossfire

Last week we examined a report from UsableNet about digital accessibility lawsuits. One of the issues that report featured was the sharp rise in lawsuits against companies using plugins/widgets that claim to make a website accessible compliant. Spoiler: they don’t. In fact, using them could draw negative attention to your organization. The 5/9/21 edition of published a timely article by April Glaser that reports on backlash some of those plugin …

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Fraud Contributed To Net Neutrality’s Demise

The New York State Office of the Attorney General published a report last week that has been years in the making (h/t Joe Patti). The report “is the product of an extensive investigation by the [e Office of the New York Attorney General] of the parties that sought to influence the FCC’s 2017 proceeding to repeal the agency’s net neutrality rules.” This is a topic we examined in great detail at …

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Looks Like Concern Over COVID Related Injuries Has A Ceiling

I am officially declaring defeat on finding a pair of CEO guests to for the executive decision maker installment of the series of podcasts I was doing about what orchestras of all budget size should be considering when planning for post-COVID concert activity. It is genuinely disappointing to see that this is such a third-rail topic among executives and if nothing else, that should raise the alert level among musician stakeholders. …

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Let Me Say This Plainly: We Need A Cultural De-Jargonizer

This seems to be a week of realization when it comes to a larger need to move away from jargon and toward more accessible language. Joe Patti posted something yesterday that introduced me to a wonderful article by Trevor O’Donnell that espouses the need for dejargonizing marketing material. Hot on the heels of Joe’s post is one from Ceci Dadisman at ArtsHacker that takes an even deeper dive into this subject. …

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Good Busy

It was a busy day and I’ll need to circle back to the blog originally planned at another time. What’s keeping me busy is two new website launches in as many weeks. The first was New York Choral Society’s new site and yesterday saw the Lakes Area Music Festival site go live. Both projects were a great deal of fun and these are among our very first that were designed from …

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