Scamming Scammers And The Scams They Love

I had a client reach out toward the beginning of 2020 in a bit of a panic saying they were being targeted for a website accessibility lawsuit and word “leaked” from the plaintiff’s legal firm that local businesses could avoid getting caught up in the lawsuit if they used a particular accessibility compliance widget. After reviewing the widget provider’s documentation, it was clear they knew the plugin wouldn’t bring a user’s …

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It’s a Tough Job But Someone Has To Do It (Spoiler: It’s You)

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I’ve been anxious to get the latest installment in my series on better web accessibility through content management published. It’s taken some time becasue it’s one of the more step-filled tasks in the series so there’s a good bit to cover. Having said that, it’s also one of the most important tasks: assigning image alt text. In a nutshell, image alt text is what allows site visitors with visual impairments to …

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Accessible Event Driven Website Features

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If accessibility isn’t on your organization’s radar, you may want to begin thinking about moving in that direction. In addition to the host of website related topics, performing arts organizations also need to consider how accessibility and sensory friendly events intersect with artistic planning and the overall concert experience. The theatre sector tends to be doing a good job at leading these efforts. Not only is their medium well-suited to the …

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The Latest Step Toward Federally Regulated Website Accessibility Standards

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We’ve been tracking the issue of website accessibility through a series of articles over the past few years and for those following the topic, you’ve likely noticed the drift from being self-regulated best practice toward government mandated requirements. The latest development comes via Domino’s Pizza, which is asking the Supreme Court to issue a clear ruling on whether businesses must provide accessible websites. In a nutshell, businesses are becoming weary of …

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Food For Thought: Website Accessibility Driven Lawsuits

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The 4/19/2019 edition of published an article by Claire Voon that reports on a pair of lawsuits filed separated by two legally blind plaintiffs against dozens of New York City art galleries that their websites allegedly violated the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). As the article points out, issues of websites and accessibility via ADA standards are, at best, murky. Part of confusion comes from a separate set of standards …

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