#TBT Do Your New Content Managers Need A WCAG Boot Camp?

The good news is nonprofit performing arts orgs are well on their way to restaffing after pandemic furloughs and layoffs. Having said that, the reality is many groups lost team members with website content management experience that had spent the last few years developing some killer Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) skills. What that means is new members moving into those roles without that experience are far more likely to inadvertently …

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Don’t Get Caught In This Accessibility Crossfire

Last week we examined a report from UsableNet about digital accessibility lawsuits. One of the issues that report featured was the sharp rise in lawsuits against companies using plugins/widgets that claim to make a website accessible compliant. Spoiler: they don’t. In fact, using them could draw negative attention to your organization. The 5/9/21 edition of nbcnews.com published a timely article by April Glaser that reports on backlash some of those plugin …

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Scamming Scammers And The Scams They Love

I had a client reach out toward the beginning of 2020 in a bit of a panic saying they were being targeted for a website accessibility lawsuit and word “leaked” from the plaintiff’s legal firm that local businesses could avoid getting caught up in the lawsuit if they used a particular accessibility compliance widget. After reviewing the widget provider’s documentation, it was clear they knew the plugin wouldn’t bring a user’s …

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It’s a Tough Job But Someone Has To Do It (Spoiler: It’s You)

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I’ve been anxious to get the latest installment in my series on better web accessibility through content management published. It’s taken some time becasue it’s one of the more step-filled tasks in the series so there’s a good bit to cover. Having said that, it’s also one of the most important tasks: assigning image alt text. In a nutshell, image alt text is what allows site visitors with visual impairments to …

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Accessible Event Driven Website Features

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If accessibility isn’t on your organization’s radar, you may want to begin thinking about moving in that direction. In addition to the host of website related topics, performing arts organizations also need to consider how accessibility and sensory friendly events intersect with artistic planning and the overall concert experience. The theatre sector tends to be doing a good job at leading these efforts. Not only is their medium well-suited to the …

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