Anwar Nasir

Anwar Nasir is the Chief Revenue and Advancement Officer for the Omaha Symphony.  He sets the vision and strategy for relationship management, public-facing communications, and revenue generation for the orchestra.  Previously, he has held management positions with the Los Angeles Philharmonic and Hollywood Bowl, Atlanta Ballet, and Philadelphia Workforce Development Corporation.

2012 Orchestra Website (mini) Reviews

2012 Website Reviews

Yes, it’s 2013 but the annual orchestra website reviews typically occur in the fall but we missed the usual 2012 publication target thanks to Orchestra Crisis 2012/13 (details here). Nonetheless, readers were clear that some sort of review should take place in April or May and to that end, you can look forward to a special micro-review this month. Specifically, we’re going to see which orchestras have adopted responsive design standards, …

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It’s Always Nice To Be Noticed

“You might love him or loathe him, but you read him anyway”. That’s about the best way I can describe Norman Lebrecht to anyone that is unfamiliar his writing, and given the fact that he is based in the U.K., not everyone in the U.S. is aware of his distinct brand journalism…

Where Things Stand In Atlanta

When looking back on the 2006-2007 season, the Atlanta Ballet may discover that it garnered more national media attention than usual. Unfortunately, that attention may not be due to reasons they prefer…


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