Indianapolis Symphony Reaches Short Term Deal

When we last examined the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra (ISO) back in July 2020, things were looking grim; the current collective bargaining agreement (CBA) was expiring in a few months and there was a protracted dispute over back pay and health care benefits. Since then, the organization announced cancelling the entire 20/21 season and fast forward a few weeks and we have a new one-year agreement that covers the length of the …

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Growing Discord In Indianapolis

At the end of June, we examined growing labor tensions at the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra (ISO) over what the musicians described as unnecessarily aggressive negotiations over back pay, benefits, and media agreement terms. Since then, I managed to have a conversation with the ISO’s CEO James Johnson. Media Agreement According to a press statement from the musicians, the employer was pushing for changes to the existing media agreement in order to make good …

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Indianapolis Symphony Terminates Health Care Coverage

Like many orchestras, the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra (ISO) engaged austerity measures at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. It began with furloughs in March, but musicians and staffers were able to come back to work at reduced pay in April following a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan. The PPP funds lasted for several weeks but once depleted, the musicians were furloughed again on June 7, 2020.The big change this time around …

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Some Early Thoughts On Indianapolis

Originally, the plan for today’s post was to take a closer look at the growing labor dispute brewing at the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra (ISO). On Monday, the ISO musicians issued a press statement that asserted the employer informed them they will not only extend the existing furlough but cut off health insurance. I reached out to the musician representatives and the employer to learn as much as possible but as of …

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The Latest Instance Of Peer Review Problems

Adaptistration People 190

The 3/22/2017 edition of the Indianapolis Business Journal published an article by Lindsey Erdody that reports on an Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra (ISO) musician is accusing music director, Krzysztof Urbansk, of age discrimination. What’s interesting to note is Erdody’s examination of the internal process used by the music director and general manager, which reportedly contributed to current problems. Unfortunately, difficulties related to age discrimination and failing to follow a contractually mandated artistic …

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