TAFTO Contribution – Kyle Gann

John Luther Adams once said of Kyle Gann "[He] is a force of nature. Composer, performer, author, critic, scholar, educator  Like the weather, he seems to be everywhere at once – a commanding presence in the landscape of American music." Add to that list; blogger.  I’m fortunate to be right next door to Kyle’s blog, PostClassic, here at Arts Journal. 

Once you start reading what Kyle writes you just can’t stop and his TAFTO contribution is no exception.  He espouses listener empowerment and encourages everyone to learn how to appreciate music on their own terms.  If you were stranded on a desert island without internet access and had to take a friend to a concert (just go with it), a hard copy of Kyle’s contribution could easily serve as your bible.

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TAFTO Contribution – George Hunka

Since we all can’t be professional musicians or veteran orchestra managers with the confidence to take someone to an orchestra concert and show them the ropes it pays to look at things from the eyes of someone on the outside looking in.

The average experienced orchestra patron probably believes that they don’t know very much about music (although that’s usually not the case) or at least not enough to give them enough confidence to go out and serve as a guide for someone new to the experience. 

As such, we are fortunate to have George Hunka (an individual who is not involved with the world of classical music in any professional capacity) offer to share his thoughts.  George is a professional playwright with a degree in Languages and Literature from Bard College and has been writing his popular blog, Superfluities, for exactly one month longer than Adaptistration has been up.

Looking in from the outside is good

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TAFTO Contribution Helen Radice

U.K. based harpist extraordinaire, Helen Radice, is one of the most imaginative music bloggers around today.  Her weblog, Twang, Twang, Twang (I bet you don’t forget that name), contains paragraph after paragraph of razor edge wit and observation about the music world and other sundry items as she sees fit to include them.

Although much of that wit is undoubtedly natural, it must have certainly been refined during her time at Oxford, where she graduated with a first in English Literature.  Her contribution is a representative example of that refined proficiency and provides the Take a Friend to Orchestra program a heavyweight submission which touches every portion of this business yet seamlessly connects them together. It’s filled with numerous quotes you’ll be turning over in your head for weeks to come!

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TAFTO Followup Oboeinsight

TAFTO contributor, Patricia Emerson Mitchell, posted a bit of a follow up to her contribution from Tuesday, May 4th on her weblog, www.oboeinsight.com.  It’s a compelling piece worth your taking the time to read.  Here’s a snippet to get you hooked: “I remember listening to a recording of a work with a friend once. The piece got to a certain absolutely wondrous point and the friend grabbed my arm and squeezed …

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TAFTO Reader Response A Question For Mr. Fogel

An Adaptistration reader who wishes to remain anonymous submitted the following question to Henry Fogel after reading his TAFTO contribution. Question:  Do the ASOL members have future plans to institute some form of this middle-class- friendly ticket policy for orchestra level seats?  Or are orchestras only interested in nurturing rich and affluent, and generally suburban, audiences?  (And please, Mr. Fogel, don’t tell me to avail myself of the $25 third-tier side …

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