More On The Great Ticket Debate

It seems like the issue of ticket prices is quickly making the rounds among the usual blog suspects. I’m glad to see so many people jumping on board with the discussion, although I know some managers are sick to death of it; it’s something which deserves this level of scrutiny…

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It’s More About Ticket Prices Than You Think

Back at the beginning of the month, Philadelphia Inquirer music critic, Peter Dobrin, published one of the best articles on classical music and orchestras I’ve read in the mainstream media this year. Unfortunately, it was swallowed up by the more pressing news events of Hurricane Katrina. Nevertheless, it’s worth examining now…

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Comparing Publicity

In the wake of the 2005 Orchestra Website Review, I had some intriguing discussions with a few soloists. We were talking about how their managers employ PR professionals to create an online image to promote their public image. Each conversation eventually led to the differences between how their PR professionals work at publicizing them as opposed to how an orchestra’s PR department publicizes the orchestra musicians. Both PR professionals have the …

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