Value Added Value

The position that having an orchestra around is good for a community’s bottom line is almost obligatory in an orchestral organization’s grant writing and fundraising environments. My blog neighbor, Andrew Taylor, has published some really fascinating material on the topic which examines whether or not all of those numbers hold up to scrutiny. A recent contribution to the growing stack of economic impact studies is in today’s issue of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, which talks about the economic boon their new $300 million symphony center will provide the city of Atlanta…

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What’s In a Name? Part 2

In response to yesterday’s article, I received numerous email messages from readers wondering why I only focused on mostly “Big 5” and other big budget orchestras in the examples in Part 1. The short answer is simply “time”…

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2005 Orchestra Website Review Surprise: What’s In A Name?

When it comes to an orchestra’s domain name, you can easily apply the old real estate adage of “location, location, location”, but in the case of a domain name the “location” is really all about how simple it is for potential visitors to reach their internet address. As it turns out, some orchestras had the prudence to secure as many domain names associated to their ensemble name as possible. Others didn’t…

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The 2005 Orchestra Website Review Special Recognition Awards

Although the average review score was lower than in 2004, there was still quite a bit within the 2005 Orchestra Website evaluations worth singular attention. In this year’s installment, orchestras will receive special recognition per evaluation category…

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