Something Not Unpleasant From The ENO

With all the drama at the ENO it was more than a little fun to enjoy watching the repeat broadcast of PBS’s Great Performance: Operatunity. If you missed the broadcast, visit the Operatunity webpage at PBS and read about the program in an essay by Marc Geelhoed, the decidedly witty proprietor of Deceptively Simple

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The Cure For Messiah Burnout

For all of the managers, musicians, and patrons out there who are sick to death of Messiah performances (not to mention Nutcracker shows) here’s a little something to make you smile and realize the value in attending live concerts. It should also appeal to the NASCAR crowd out there who go to racing events with the hope of seeing a crash.

Same Old Song, Different Tune

I love dinner parties; they always an opportunity to meet some absolutely fascinating people. I recently attended a dinner party where one of the guests was regaling my little section of the table with an account about how they were working against what they presented as a very disheartening state of affairs. The more I listened to the details, the more I realized their problem sounded familiar; in fact, if you changed some of the names and settings, it was down right deja vu…

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