The 2007 Orchestra Website Review: Special Recognition Awards

During every orchestra website review, several orchestras deserve special recognition for how well they satisfied the requirements for each category or subcategory as well as demonstrating particular originality and creativity for specific website components. As such, the Special Recognition awards are designed to highlight individual achievements among orchestra websites and to promote them as benchmarks within the business…

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2007 Orchestra Website Review: Trends & Detailed Scores

What a difference one year can make. From 2006 to 2007 there were quite a few changes among orchestra websites, some good and some not so good. Perhaps even more interesting, however, was the obvious amount of increased resources many orchestras directed toward website development efforts for the 2007-2008 season…

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2007 Orchestra Website Review: Overall Rankings

Between 8/21/07 and 9/06/07, 84 professional orchestra websites were examined and ranked by how well they presented their concert schedule, sold tickets, provided organizational information, facilitated making donations, and on overall content and functionality. The 2007 Rankings witnessed a number of review firsts as well as an overall slight increase in the average score…

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2007 Orchestra Website Review: What’s New & Evaluation Criteria

Now in its fourth year, the Adaptistration Orchestra Website Review generates a great deal of interest in how each website is evaluated and how orchestras of vastly different budget size can be compared on an even playing field.

This article examines the components of an effective orchestra website, reviews the evaluation criteria in detail, and introduces new features for the 2007 review. As a special feature to the 2007 review, Arts & Entertainment attorney Elizabeth Russell will review what orchestras need to know about three crucial web-related legal issues …

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Full Of Sound And Fury, Signifying Nothing

Much has been written throughout the blogosphere about last weekend’s New York Times article by Stephanie Strom on the merits of certain charitable deductions. Frankly, I’m surprised the piece garnered that much attention as it seems more to do with the typical class-warfare nonsense associated with national elections than anything having to do with the inherent value of charitable giving…

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