The Nutrition Diva Has Entered The Building

Inside The Arts continues to grow and today marks the launch of its latest blog so welcome Monica Reinagel, the aka the Nutrition Diva™. Monica, a professional singer, board-certified Licensed Nutritionist, and professionally-trained chef offers advice and answers your questions about specific health and nutrition challenges faced by performing artists…

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Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra Musicians Strike

According to a statement released by the Madison Area Federation of Musicians, Local #166 AFM, the musicians of the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra (WCO) officially went on strike at 7:00PM CT, 10/1/2008 as a result of failing to resolve issues in negotiations relating to job security, attendance, and electronic media. The strike comes two days in advance of the organization’s first 2008/09 season concert…

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“What Should I Do?”

Throughout any given season I get a regular stream of messages from musicians and managers asking if they should take an audition or apply for a job at some orchestra. They are all anxious to learn if that particular group is financially stable enough to warrant their attention. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the frequency of these requests over the past several weeks has shot up considerably and now includes concerned messages from employees wondering if there is some way they can tell whether or not their organization is secure…

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