Building Empathy By Making Every Voice Important

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Recently, violinist Holly Mulcahy published an article chronicling her latest Arts Capacity program Walker State Faith and Character Based Prison. This was her ninth event at that facility, and it implemented a new approach to building empathy by making every voice important in a shared creative process. In a nutshell, she and her colleagues introduced a real-time composition element to the program. …we began with several pieces that ranged from 2 …

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Happy 15th Anniversary Butts In The Seats!

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Congratulations to Joe Patti’s Butts In The Seats; Musings on Practical Solutions For Arts Management which is celebrating its 15th anniversary! Technically, the official anniversary date was Saturday, 2/23 but I would be remiss not to mention it now as it continues to be one of the most meaningful culture blogs available. If that wasn’t enough, Joe is also a regular contributor at where his posts are among the site’s most frequently visited and …

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Inside The Arts Is Turning 10!

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Next month, Inside The Arts will celebrate its 10th anniversary so in order to help mark the occasion, we rolled out updated layouts and features at all of the blogs. All of the blogs hosted at the site feature a similar content driven design, similar to what was rolled out here at Adaptistration last month, that deliver faster user experiences. Compared to other culture blog collectives, you’ll enjoy sites that load …

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If You Liked This…

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Astute visitors may have already noticed the new “Related Posts” function at the bottom of each post. This is one of the newest features related to the Season of Updates and unlike the previous version, this one is learning what to display based on how you surf through content. No worries, there isn’t any sort of IP based user tracking going on. Instead, the function is analyzing when users visit more …

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You Had Me At “Pretty Shoes”

Nice Shoes

Patrons love learning seeing what goes on behind the scenes, whether its learning how music librarians dodge incoming fire or the complexities of equal pay for equal work among musicians. Case in point, Holly Mulcahy published an article at Neo Classical that examines what a concertmaster does. In addition to the typical duties and responsibilities, the post examines much of the unwritten requirements that go with the job. “And here I …

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