Time For Some Updates At Inside The Arts

Back in November, Inside The Arts crossed the 14 year mark and I intended to roll out some design updates then but as things got pushed back a few months. Fortunately, design updates are patient and I managed to wrap things up and pushed everything live yesterday. While the homepage is where you’ll notice the bulk of new, the real work is under the hood by way of replacing some older …

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Happy 18th Anniversary Butts In The Seats!

I am so happy to see Joe Patti back in action at Butts In The Seats after his two-month hiatus and his return coincides with his 18th anniversary. Even with the hiatus, Joe continues to be one of the most prolific and engaging culture bloggers around.  If his blog is new to you, here are some of my favorites from the past year to get you started: Is This “Yes, And…” …

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Happy 17th Anniversary Butts In The Seats!

This week marks the 17th anniversary of Joe Patti’s Butts In The Seats; Musings on Practical Solutions For Arts Management. 2020 was a stellar year for posts. He’s provided some of the timeliest content related to handling COIVD without losing focus on the bigger picture. Not only is Joe one of the most consistently engaging culture bloggers around, but he’s also one of the most prolific. If his blog is new to …

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Happy Sweet 16 Butts In The Seats!

Adaptistration People 115

It wouldn’t be February without congratulating Joe Patti for another terrific year of posts at Butts In The Seats; Musings on Practical Solutions For Arts Management. It is celebrating its 16th anniversary this week! If that wasn’t enough, Joe is also a regular contributor at ArtsHacker.com where his posts are among the site’s most frequently visited and shared so if you aren’t already familiar with his work, stop by and set aside a meaningful …

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Taking Stock Friday

Sometimes, it feels like the days just melt away, but it’s better to be busy than bored. To that end, here are some of the things that occupy my time as of late. Consulting Work I’m very happy to say that the musician employment agreement model I wrote about back in April 2019 is starting to catch on. While I can’t go into nearly as much detail as that article, I …

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