Two More Contributors For TAFTO 2009

Joining the contributor list for the Take A Friend To Orchestra (TAFTO) 2009 project are Alabama Symphony Executive Director, Curtis Long, and Chicago’s very own cultural Swiss Army Knife Andrew Patner who works as author, broadcaster, journalist, and arts critic. When Andrew isn’t writing for traditional media outlets or working as Critic-at-Large and program host at WFMT-FM, Chicago’s renowned classical music station he authors The View from Here, a Chicago based cultural blog…

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Lights, Camera, Aktion!

Preceded by much fanfare, the Berlin Philharmonic broadcast their inaugural concert via their “Digital Concert Hall” project yesterday. I have to admit, I didn’t shell out the nearly US$15.00 to experience the concert but luckily enough, regular reader Michael Brewer did and was kind enough to pass along his impressions of the event…

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Managers Alienate Ticket Buyers?

At least that’s the premise for Holly Mulcahy’s latest installment of how different stakeholders within the business push away potential audience members. I find myself agreeing with most of her points and if anything, I think she could have focused more of the article on the different ways managers create (or fail to create) an inviting concert environment…

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You Don’t Want To Be “That Guy” Do You?

Simply put, if you’re a public relations or marketing professional, you can’t get along in this business without a thorough understanding of new media. If you needed any more proof, the always poignant Lisa Hirsch over at Iron Tongue of Midnight published a wonderful post last week entitled “Don’t Be Stupid” which does an excellent job at defining some points we were exchanging in an email discussion about performing arts organizations and new media. Although the title says it all, Lisa goes the extra mile by putting together a nifty check list of do’s and don’ts that are worth printing out and tacking to your wall…

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2008 Reader’s Choice

2008 was a great year for Adaptistration; daily traffic continued to reach new heights, a new blogging platform inspired increased comments and discussion, and original material appeared in traditional and new media outlets with greater frequency than ever before. As such, I want to extend my sincere thanks to everyone for making Adaptistration a fixture in the arts management blogosphere. Consequently, here’s a list of articles and topics you found most intriguing throughout 2008…

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