It’s All About The Details

Yesterday’s post alluded to the latest round of articles in Molly Sheridan’s Blogger’s Bok Club series. It’s a fascinating review of The Whuffie Factor: Using the Power of Social Networks to Build Your Business by Tara Hunt and each article considers the self-described premise of how the performing arts are embracing technology and social networking for better and worse. Granted, I haven’t read Ms. Hunt’s book, but the ongoing conversation has been fascinating and I wanted to chime in with some thoughts before I leave on vacation…

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Guests Ahoy!

Starting Monday, August 3rd you can look forward to seven days of guest author posts here at Adaptistration. Typically, I put together several posts in advance of heading off on vacation but it seems like high time to open up the forum to a series of guest authors and let them blog about whatever they want. I’m not going to ruin the surprise by revealing their identities or topics in advance but I will offer the following clues…

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Let’s See If Recent Changes Can Shake Things Up In Shreveport

It’s been a few months since we checked in with things at the Shreveport Symphony Orchestra (SSO) but suffice to say, the mission based schizophrenia issues remain unchanged (details here) as does the organization’s webpage which continues to display a pops event that took place on May 21, 2009. What has changed is the organization’s executive director…

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No Easy Answers

Last week’s poll asking readers whether or not they think it is appropriate for performing arts service organizations to apply for public and/or private grants alongside member organizations produced some fascinating results. At the time this post was written there were just under 100 responses. Although there was no heavy majority, the overall attitude toward service organizations competing with members for grants was unfavorable. At the same time, the vast majority of readers had clear attitudes on the topic as only seven percent of respondents indicated they weren’t sure about how they felt…

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Adaptistration Is Now Officially Mobile Friendly

Last week, I finally joined the denizens of web enabled Smartphone users with the purchase of a BlackBerry 8330. As such, I’ve noticed that a number of web pages and blogs are rendered by the browser are done so with less than desirable results. Granted, iPhones and the newer touch-screen BlackBerry’s don’t seem to have any problem rendering pages since they are designed more with that purpose in mind but I enjoy using my the online capabilities of the BlackBerry 8330 and appreciate web pages and blogs designed to work with the device. As such, I’ve made some upgrades to Adaptistration’s blog template so it automatically detects mobile phone visitors and displays a customized mobile blog theme…

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