When Process And Personality Collide

Regular readers know that I am a big proponent of process. In just about every professional situation I encounter, whether my consulting work or blog posts, most problems can be traced back to a flawed and/or poorly implemented process. More often than not, personalities are to blame; or more to the point, conflict between personalities…

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Post Traumatic Collapse Disorder?

As we all know, last September was the onset of the stock market slump which ultimately led to the current economic downturn. Endowments shrank, pension funds dwindled, and at all but a few right-minded organizations, panic driven decision making guided 2009/10 season planning. Well, that season is upon us and for what it is worth, we can brace for impact…

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This Is How To Avoid The Middleman

Following the first installment in the Keys To Creativity series, I contacted composer and blogger buddy Alex Shapiro to see what she thought about the notion that orchestras should focus more on developing in-house music production resources in order to enhance direct interaction with composers. Fortunately, Alex never disappoints…

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Post Game Concert Interviews

The ubiquitous post game interview; you watch them after baseball/football/etc.ball games all the time and nothing quite beats the edutainment value of watching a good sports reporter take a coach or player to task over a less than satisfactory performance. Likewise, watching those same professionals reviewing the merits behind a win is equally enjoyable and certainly preferable to commentator/talking head game reviews. This topic became stuck in my head after reading about the trouble Proper Discord’s author recounted while attending a post-concert Q&A…

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