2009 Orchestra Website Reviews: Reader Ratings

The basics. You can submit one star rating for each orchestra and leave an unlimited number of comment reviews. You do not need to leave a comment in order to submit a star rating but you are encouraged to do so. What criteria should I use to rate orchestra websites? There are no hard and fast rules and you are encouraged to use whatever criteria is most important to you. The …

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Power To The People!

In anticipation of the upcoming 2009 Orchestra Website Reviews, there is one particular new feature worth mentioning in advance. After years of hearing from readers about which features they find important in an orchestra website but never having a way for them to incorporate them into the reviews, I am very happy to announce that 2009 will be different. This year’s examination will give you the opportunity to rate each orchestra website included in the review yourself…

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Sprucing Up the Homestead

It has been awhile since I updated my consulting website and over the last weekend, I completed installing a new template and updated content. I don’t usually post this sort of housekeeping info here at Adaptistration but after having several people in the business I’ve known for some time contact me last week to say “I didn’t know you were an arts consultant,” it seems high time to point the updated business website…

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Who Is Jeff And Why Is He Bothered?

Starting 9/28/2009, Inside The Arts will begin featuring a series of videos from Philadelphia Orchestra associate principal trumpet Jeff Curnow. A teaser of the new series, What’s Bothering Jeff?, went live yesterday and the good news is that being a trumpet geek is not a prerequisite for getting something out of his videos. Why should this concern you? You’ll just have to head over to Inside The Art’s home page to watch the video and find out…

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Negotiation News From Indianapolis

According to a 9/11/2009 press release issued by the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra Committee, the musicians rejected a final offer from the management of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra (ISO). The ratification vote came a week after the ISO announced a list of guest conductors replacing former ISO music director, Mario Venzago, for the 2009/10 season…

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