Fun With Food Metaphors

Holly Mulcahy posted an intriguing piece earlier this week about the perils of program substitutions entitled Sorry, we’re fresh out of Mahler. The piece does an excellent job at expanding on some of the points covered in an article here from 9/3/2009 and one aspect I enjoyed most about Mulchay’s article is how it uses culinary metaphors. As an added bonus, there is a terrific comment thread that produces entirely useful considerations and straightforward solutions for any artistic administration department wrestling with issues related to budget shortfalls and programming changes…

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Free = Good. Free + Big Screens = Better.

From out of the gloomy mist that has characterized business news the past few weeks, a bright and shiny silver lining is threading its way across several cities this weekend in the form of free simulcast concerts. For the past few years, operas have dominated this niche but this season, the Nashville Symphony jumps on the bandwagon with their opening night concert on 09/11/2009 featuring pianist Lang Lang and the debut of new music director, Giancarlo Guerrero…

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A Matter Of Representation

Hot off the heels of the personality vs. process post a few days ago that examined the current conflict between the American Federation of Musicians (AFM) and its player conferences, the International Conference of Symphony and Opera Musicians (ICSOM) went public with a list of objections against the current AFM leadership. The material includes numerous references to the gap between revenue originating from orchestra musicians via work dues (the player conferences) and the services provided by the AFM…

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The Trouble With Balanced Budget Requirements

It is easy to see the benefits of adopting a balanced budget requirement; it helps ensure fiscal stability, promotes responsible spending, and under certain conditions it can even serve to motivate contributed revenue development. But when balanced budget requirements are crafted with too much rigidity, they can harm nonprofit performing arts organizations during periods when they are most vulnerable. Unfortunately, we’re beginning to see more and more examples as the 2009/10 season begins…

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A Bible For The Symphony Business?

According to an article by Burl Burlingame in the 9/4/2009 edition of the Honolulu Star Bulletin, the Honolulu Symphony Orchestra (HSO) has received a $2.131 million influx of cash from the Honolulu Symphony Foundation with the caveat that the HSO “[appoints] a new executive director and development of a comprehensive balanced budget and a detailed business action plan.”

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