Get Back On The Inside With The Updated Orchestra Financial Reports

Financial Reports

Since it was launched in 2009, the Orchestra Financial Reports page has consistently been one of the most popular destinations at Adaptistration. It’s simple in implementation in that it provides a direct link to each respective orchestra’s page where users can find a wealth of financial transparency documentation. Everything went humming along until several months ago when GuideStar started updating its permalink structure.

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Identifying Problems Is Great, But You Still Need Solutions

HBS elevator pitch builder

The Huffington Post published an article by Michael Kaiser on 5/21/2012 where he examines a well worn problem within arts groups: board atrophy during fundraising campaigns. Everything Kaiser identifies is spot on but the article comes up short in with any suggestions on how to solve the problem. As such, let’s see about picking up some of Kaiser’s slack with some nuts-and-bolts tools you can use to bolster board members.

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Improve Marketing Performance By Rethinking Redesigns Part 3

The final installment in this series, which in turn was inspired by an article from Louis Rosenfeld @, will walk you through the diagnosis process using the criteria outlined in Part 2 as well as review your options for turning the results into positive action.

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Improve Marketing Performance By Rethinking Redesigns Part 2

Can Wait Until More Seriously Injured Issues Are Treated

Yesterday’s installment, inspired by an article from Louis Rosenfeld @, focused on a “fix it once and for all” problem that plagues far too many orchestras. It defined the problem and began presenting solutions; today’s post will dive into additional details on how you can diagnose your condition and what you can do with that info to begin making improvements.

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Improve Marketing Performance By Rethinking Redesigns Part 1

paint brush and palette

One of my favorite online tech haunts,, published an article on 4/16/2012 by user experience and information therapist (what a cool title) Louis Rosenfeld that accurately sums up just about everything that goes wrong with orchestra website redesigns. Of course, he was talking about business websites in general but here’s what you can do to take advantage of it.

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