Checking In With The Movement To Improve Workplace Satisfaction

Adaptistration People 094

That last time we examined the value of improving workplace satisfaction within the orchestra field via grassroots efforts, we saw some improvement. Six months later, it is time to see where things are related to your efforts on increasing the quantity and frequency of reviews from arts administrators and staffers about their respective institutions at #Winning Six months ago, there were 17 orchestra and opera organizations with at least one review …

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Toronto Symphony Appears To Be Stuck In Former CEO’s Legal Splash Zone

Splash Zone

Toward the end of March, 2016 we examined the nasty PR mess the Toronto Symphony Orchestras (TSO) has been caught up in by way of the very public annulment legal battle between former president and CEO, Jeff Melanson, and his estranged wife, Eleanor McCain. Melanson, who departed his position after 16 months on the job, recently launched a PR volley against McCain, daughter of food industrialist and 13th wealthiest Canadian Wallace McCain. The …

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