Lessons From The Give Local America Day Kimbia SNAFU Are A Work In Progress

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In the wake of events following the Give Local America Day calamity that saw the entire program grind to a halt at mid-day and leave thousands of donors and nonprofits stranded, there is no shortage of commentary. Details surrounding why the web based payment platform collapsed are scant and the online fundraising and crowdfunding platform at the center of the storm, Kimbia, continues to attract a considerable amount of ire. 82As …

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Reinforcing The Ethical Significance Of Board Stewardship

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For those of you following the tragic circumstances at Healing Arts Initiative (HAI), this weekend uncovered news that casts an even darker tone to the already tragic situation. If you are new to the details, HAI’s former bookkeeper, Kim Williams, allegedly orchestrated an attack against the organization’s executive director, Rev. D. Alexandra Dyer, that materialized in an assailant throwing a cup of drain cleaner into Dyer’s face. According to police statements, …

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Why Do Things That Seem So Simple End Up Being So Difficult?

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You copy some text from one document and try to paste it into another. It seems like such a simple task but far too often, it can turn into a frustrating time suck; especially when you’re trying to paste that copy into an online publishing platform for your website. Fortunately, there are some tools you can use to make things easier. I published an article covering tools you can use for …

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Why Are Executive So Keen On Breaking HR Rules?

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It seems as though hardly a year passes that doesn’t have one or more incidents that give HR professionals heartburn. The latest is a whale among the minnows in light of news that recently departed Lincoln Center (LC) president, Jed Bernstein, left as the result of what the organization described as a “[violation of] Lincoln Center human resources policy by not disclosing a personal relationship with an employee.” The 5/4/2016 edition …

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Workplace Satisfaction Among Opera Organizations

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As promised at the conclusion of yesterday’s post examining workplace satisfaction among symphony orchestra institutions, today’s installment will take a look at opera employers. #Winning #Again Although there wasn’t as large of an uptick in opera organizations as compared to their symphonic orchestra peers, the number of groups with at least one review within the last 12 months increased 40 percent, which is pretty darn good! As such, let’s get right …

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