Kitten Pics Or News About Peter Gelb? It’s Your Choice.

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There isn’t much that will distract me from blogging but adopting a 12-week old kitten is decidedly one of those exceptions to the rule. Consequently, you have two choices for today’s post… Door #1: Peter Gelb News For those of you who absolutely, positively must have a suitable culture blog topic, you should swing by two articles by Norman Lebrecht. Never one to mince words, Lebrecht focuses his attention on The Metropolitan …

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Happy Memorial Day!

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Whether you’re home all day enjoying the holiday with family and friends or your orchestra is putting on a performance today, try to take a few moments to remember the reason for the holiday. Band Facts

Let There Be Taxonomy!

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You may not know it, but taxonomy is an integral part of your online life. Taxonomy is a fancy word that simply means how content management systems classify, organize, and display content. For example, here at Adaptation you’ll find the two most common types of taxonomy: categories and tags. The latter is used primarily to associate a specific organization with posts; in turn, this makes it easier for you to find …

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Job Listings Are Bustin’ Out All Over

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It’s almost June and listings at Adaptistration Jobs are bustin’ out all over! The west coast seems to be the place to go with a quartet of new featured listings from the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra and one full time opening and an internship from the Pacific Symphony. Speaking of duos, there are a pair of openings at Spokane Symphony and if you want to get out of the US entirely …

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Don’t Get Left In The Dark

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I can’t remember the last time a week went by and someone didn’t send me a link to a video an orchestra. Initially, these were limited to larger budget groups but the onset of affordable 4k video in smartphones has opened the floodgates. But just because you have a tool, doesn’t mean you’re ready to use it and two areas where in-house videos tend to suffer are lighting and sound. For …

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