Kalamazoo Musicians Cry Foul

Adaptistration People 123

The 5/20/2016 edition of mlive.com published an article by Al Jones that reports on an unfair labor charge filed against the Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra (KSO) by the union representing its musicians. The official National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) case lists that allegation as 8(a)(5) Repudiation/Modification of Contract [Sec 8(d)/Unilateral Changes], which the NLRB defines as such: Section 8(a)(5)—Refusal to Bargain in Good Faith. Section 8(a)(5) makes it illegal for an employer …

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Eerily Familiar Language

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The 5/21/2016 edition of TechCrunch published an article by Devin Coldewy that reports on a speech given by Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) about the gig economy (such as Uber, not musician related gigging) that touches on some remarkably familiar concepts inside the orchestra field. Here’s an excerpt of Warren’s speech included in the TechCrunch article (emphasis added): The gig economy didn’t invent any of these problems. In fact, the gig economy …

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Learn More About Your Patrons Than Ever Before


No doubt, Google Analytics (GA) is fantastic but one long running limitation is the lack of ability to track an individual user’s path through your website. This limitation has led to fundamental business plan for metrics competitors like Marketo, Eloqua and Pardot but all that may be changing with the introduction of GA’s new User Explorer feature. Ga calls it a user-centric analysis tool but in English, that simply means it …

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Can. Of. Worms. (in a good way)

Can of Worms

Yesterday’s post about entrepreneurship courses running the risk of becoming the Second Great Lie Of Academia generated a considerable amount of interest. I can’t recall the last time so many readers from such a diverse cross section took the time to reach out directly via email and private social media messages. Long story short, there’s a good bit of thought going on about the very concerns addressed in the article and …

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The Second Great Lie Of Academia

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At the beginning of April, we conducted a poll asking readers what they thought about the numbers of students graduating with music performance degrees. With more than 500 responses, the vast majority of readers, 73 percent, indicated that conservatories and schools of music produce too many classical music performance graduates. 18 percent indicated the numbers of graduates are reasonable and only two percent indicated there should be even more graduates. Seven …

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