Conservatories As Artist Management Generates Strong Responses

Yesterday’s post about conservatories and schools of music getting into the artist management game generated a great deal of fascinating feedback at my Facebook wall, the majority of which spanned a range of well-articulated concerns. You can join in on the conversation firsthand but here are some of the highlights worth sharing. One individual was concerned about this becoming the latest step down the path of conservatories becoming commercial endeavors: It …

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Non Divisi Is Back!

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I am all kinds of happy to see Frank Almond is back up and running with his non divisi blog. He published the first new post-hiatus article on March 21, 2019 and it touches on a topic that deserves as much attention as possible: improving the academic landscape for emerging musicians. Basics Be sure to sign up for Frank’s new email subscription as well (even if you were subscribed to the …

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What I’m Looking Forward To At The 2018 Association of Arts Administration Educators Conference

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Think fast: what’s the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions an Arts Administration Educators Conference? I can’t speak for anyone but me so to that end, I wonder about how connected arts admin educators are to real-world implementation. Moreover, if any gulf exists, are there noticeable gaps between those with full-time teaching positions and those who teach in addition to working a regular arts admin job. As such, …

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The Second Great Lie Of Academia

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At the beginning of April, we conducted a poll asking readers what they thought about the numbers of students graduating with music performance degrees. With more than 500 responses, the vast majority of readers, 73 percent, indicated that conservatories and schools of music produce too many classical music performance graduates. 18 percent indicated the numbers of graduates are reasonable and only two percent indicated there should be even more graduates. Seven …

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Poll: What Do You Think About The Numbers Of Students Graduating With Music Performance Degrees

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Last Friday’s April Fool’s post was a genuine hit but it seemed to simultaneously hit a few nerves. In particular, a number of reader replies (especially via email and social media) touched on issues related to the sheer volume of students produced by conservatories and schools of music vs. existing and potential job/opportunity capacity throughout the field. There’s no shortage on discussion about concerns over the music performance graduates vs. opportunity …

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