Here It Is, Your Holiday Moment Of Zen

Holiday Moment Of Zen

You know it, you love, it, and it just isn’t the holiday season without it: The Messiah Organist Meltdown. If this holiday classic is new to you, give it moment and hang in there until the end; I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s 0:43 of unfiltered Messiah goodness.  

More Decisions, But Resolution Remains Elusive

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The beleaguered Grand Teton Music Festival (GTMF) continues to make its way through the rapids of a nasty labor dispute and what is apparently a division among board members. In the face of growing pressure from an array of stakeholders that included the music director, musicians, donors, and a large swath of former board leaders and donors calling for his removal, GTMF President and CEO, Andrew Palmer Todd, announced his resignation …

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Looking For That Last Minute Holiday Office Gift?

Office gifting doesn’t have to be hard. Fortunately, Arts Admin Merit Badges are the ideal solution to an otherwise irksome quandary. They’re a great way for arts admins to show appreciation for hard work that simultaneously acknowledges special achievements. Order by end of today and they will get to you by the end of this week, right in the nick of time before most groups are out for the holiday. If …

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You Didn’t Think The Drama In Jackson Hole Was Over, Did You?

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Update: early Friday evening, the GTMF issued a press statement announcing President and CEO, Andrew Palmer Todd, has resigned. It didn’t take long for labor tensions at the Grand Teton Music Festival (GTMF) to go from “them’s fightin’ words” to “this town ain’t big enough for the both of us.” If you’re just getting caught up, here’s a recap: GTMF President and CEO, Andrew Palmer Todd, decided to dismiss three musicians …

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ArtsHacker Turns Five

Today marks ArtsHacker’s fifth anniversary! If it were a typical new business, this would traditionally be the year to decide if it’s reaching goals or time to pull the plug. I’m happy to say that metrics, feedback, and social engagement all point to the former. Having said that, it doesn’t mean anyone should get comfy. As such, I put together a reader survey to gather feedback on authors can refine content …

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