This Isn’t Our First Rodeo

Originally, my post today was going to dive into some of the doom and gloom posts making the rounds about how bad things are. My day got away from me, so we’ll aim for that post happening tomorrow. What I will say now is even though organizations are decidedly in crisis mode, this isn’t the first time we’ve faced what seems like an existential threat. And just like every other crisis …

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The Risks And Rewards Of Exposure

Just a quick post today pointing out a terrific piece from Joe Patti on the topic of artists being asked to provide services for exposure to support pandemic efforts. Unlike most conversations on this topic, Patti’s article isn’t espousing one notion over another, rather, he takes the time to provide specific instances over the last few weeks that span the full range of scenarios that may qualify as exploitation to those …

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Why Non-Artistic Duties And Responsibilities Are More Important Now Than Ever

Even before coronavirus shutdowns, music director compensation was a hot topic, but the current environment introduces a new layer when the issue of shared sacrifice enters the picture. And while there’s plenty of good material to examine regarding releasing enough details for patrons to decide just how evenly sacrifices are shared, that’s not what this post is about. Instead, it’s about a music director’s ability to earn their keep, so to …

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State Of Employment Poll April 13 – 19

Since the onset of coronavirus related shutdowns, orchestras have been laying off and reducing hours for administrators and musicians alike. This weekly poll is designed to help provide a snapshot of stakeholder employment status. For staffers and managers, the questions are straightforward. Music directors (employee or independent contractor status) and staff conductor positions should respond as an administrator. For musicians, questions are specialized for salary and per-service level musicians. While there …

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State Of Employment Poll Results And Ongoing Tracking

At the time this was written, the State of Employment poll from earlier this week asking orchestra administrators and musicians about their work status following the onset of coronavirus related shutdowns has generated more than 150 responses. Thank you to everyone who took a moment to respond and thanks to that sample size, this will become a weekly effort until things normalize. The poll will allow respondents to reply once per …

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