Get The Right Microphone To Fit Your Needs

There’s a great article from Adam Molina on that walks you through all of the considerations for selecting a microphone to use when creating online content. It’s clearly written in response to the uptick in organizations and individuals joining the ranks of online content creators. As a result, it’s an excellent mix of ground floor understanding and technical considerations to help you match a microphone with your usage and budget. Plenty of …

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Putting Orchestra Employment Statuses In Context

The Pew Research Center has been releasing some particularly useful data on the demographics of job loss and pay reductions across the full employment sector. It’s a fascinating juxtaposition to the much smaller cross section of info we’ve been collecting that focuses on orchestra employee stakeholders. It would be genuinely fascinating to be able to go into the same degree of detail as Pew’s research, but it doesn’t take long to …

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State Of Employment Poll & Review June 8 – 14

We’re into our third month of collecting input and with it brings some of the largest shifts in status we’ve seen. Salaried musicians experienced one of the largest shifts while their counterparts in the admin office and musicians at per-service orchestras saw existing trends continue. Weekly Report Responses from Administrators were fairly consistent with last week’s ratios. There was a small drop in the number of respondents indicating they were laid …

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The Stupid Simple Way To Schedule Online Meetings

For the past few years, I’ve been using the online scheduling app Doodle to arrange meetings across a group of participants. Given that it wasn’t something that happened on a regular basis, I never took the time to look at other options. Then Covid-19 came along and some of Doodle’s pain points became more apparent. As a result, I started researching other options and the obvious choice became clear in short …

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Even In The Current Climate, There Are Jobs To Be Found

It’s times like the current job market that make me especially happy about the decision to set up a completely free resource for both employers and job seekers. While most organizations are doing a great job at maintaining* as much of their workforce as possible, that doesn’t mean arts administrators aren’t feeling the pain. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that opportunities aren’t at usual levels, but that’s not to …

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