2020 Orchestra Compensation Reports: Executives

When it comes to executive compensation, the 2017/18 season saw a sharp uptick in skewed averages since we started tracking numbers thanks to an all-time high number of CEO vacancies and interim appointments. These occurred across the entire budget spectrum but most notably, three of the usual suspects in the Top 10 earners were between executives. As a result, the average change in compensation was artificially low. The Information In order to …

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State Of Employment Poll & Review June 29 – July 5

It may be Orchestra Compensation Reports week but that doesn’t mean we’re taking a break from tracking the employment status of orchestra administrators and musicians. Weekly Report Administrators continued to experience steady response ratios. Only a third indicate working or being paid at their regular full time or pat time status while the other third are working at reduced hours and pay. the remaining third have either been furloughed, laid-off, or …

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2020 Orchestra Compensation Reports: Introduction

As is the case with every annual orchestra compensation report, the most important element to keep in mind is these figures encompass the 2017/18 season and not the current season. Although it isn’t unusual to expect that the most recent figures available would cover the previous season, that’s not how things work thanks to these reasons: Most professional orchestras maintain a fiscal year structure that begins and ends at some point from June …

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Indianapolis Symphony Terminates Health Care Coverage

Like many orchestras, the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra (ISO) engaged austerity measures at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. It began with furloughs in March, but musicians and staffers were able to come back to work at reduced pay in April following a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan. The PPP funds lasted for several weeks but once depleted, the musicians were furloughed again on June 7, 2020.The big change this time around …

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Some Early Thoughts On Indianapolis

Originally, the plan for today’s post was to take a closer look at the growing labor dispute brewing at the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra (ISO). On Monday, the ISO musicians issued a press statement that asserted the employer informed them they will not only extend the existing furlough but cut off health insurance. I reached out to the musician representatives and the employer to learn as much as possible but as of …

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