Time To Think About Loss Aversion

There’s a superb article by David Maggs in the 7/20/2020 edition of The Philanthropist that takes an unvarnished look at finding opportunity in an environment of uncertainty and anxiety. By that, I don’t mean using a crisis to consolidate power, rather, letting go of sacred cows long enough to see what they’ve been keeping you from enjoying. Titled Art, After Virus: Seven Questions for a Sector on the Edge, the one …

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German Researches Plan Live Event To Study COVID-19 Transmission

This could be one of the most important studies in the next month that could help the arts and culture section get back up and running safely with live events sooner than later. The University Medical Center Halle (Saale) have designed a series of live, indoor concert events to “research framework conditions under which such events can be carried out again despite the pandemic without endangering the population take risk.” It sounds like a remarkably …

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Shop Talk Is (Finally) Coming Back

Only 16 months after the first (and only) episode, the Shop Talk video podcast series is finally coming back. Compared to the time between Game Of Thrones seasons, it’s not really all that bad of a wait. I have guests and topics compiled but now that we’re neck deep in the era of COVID, I’m curious to know what you would like to see insiders talk about. In the meantime, checkout …

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A Scientist Turned Musician On The Need For Expertise In The COVID-Era

Over the weekend, Jason Haaheim, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra Principal Timpanist, published a thought-provoking piece at his blog about the necessity of expertise in the age of COVID. The post covers a lot of ground and weaves in and out of direct connectivity to the nonprofit performing arts field but, on this topic, it’s decidedly a strength. Rest assured, there’s still plenty of connectivity: I believe we’re living through the most teachable …

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State Of Employment Poll & Review July 20 – July 26

We saw an uptick in the number of responses this week thanks in large part to a 28 percent increase in respondents identifying as arts administrators. Having said that, the overall trajectory for each stakeholder group remains mostly unchanged as most continue moving toward higher ratios of under-employed and unemployed statuses, Weekly Report Responses from Administrators maintained similar levels as previous two weeks. Having said that, there was a much larger …

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