Not Everyone Is Cancelling

There’s nothing quite like a topic grenade to round out the week. Today’s entry comes from Fort Worth where the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra (FWSO) recently announced they intend to produce live, indoor concert events in the fall with heavily reduced audiences and strict social distancing rules. Before anyone decides to jump on the pro/con bandwagon, think back to June when we looked at efforts underway at the Dallas Symphony to …

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Indianapolis Cancels Season One Month Before Labor Agreement Expires

Less than a month after public discord over growing labor disputes, the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra (ISO) announced it is cancelling the 20-21 “indoor” season. The press statement isn’t available on the ISO’s website, rather, it was published via several media outlets. Of interest in the statement is the following passage: We will also be meeting to discuss how the musicians will be supported in the interim, with a priority on providing …

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Need To Hide Some Videos?

Now that it looks like shutdowns are going to continue, groups have started to look for ways to offer video content in a protected format. Setting aside the much larger issue of connecting access to monetization, one of the initial challenges is how to limit where a protected video can be embedded then limit access to that page where that video lives. If you’re a WordPress user, the answer is fairly …

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A Glimpse Into Alt Performance Activity During The Pandemic

There’s a thought-provoking article by Jim Farber in the 7/14/2020 edition of of his review of the Mainly Mozart festivals performance via drive in movie facility. The location checks off all the boxes needed to satisfy patron health and safety concerns while simultaneously providing its own set of unique logistical challenges. What’s particularly interesting is in addition to utilizing the drive-in’s native radio frequency Mainly Mozart opted to use sound …

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State Of Employment Poll & Review July 27 – August 2

There’s no getting around the fact that week 16 was a rough week for stakeholder employment status. While per-service musicians continued to share the largest ratio of economic pain, administrators saw some steep shifts of those moving from under-employed to unemployed statuses. Sobering Statistics For the first three weeks, approximately 70 percent of administrators indicated being paid their regular full or part time wage. That’s down to 18.6 percent. For the …

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