Talking About 2019 With Rachel Katz From A Tempo

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I had the pleasure of talking to WWFM’s Rachel Katz for her program, A Tempo via a retrospective of 2019. Granted, there was a lot of ground to cover but she did a good job at keeping me in-line and on track with topics that covered labor disputes, diversity, discrimination, and quite a bit more. The classical music world grappled with a variety of issues in 2019 – increasing diversity and inclusion, …

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An Orchestra Stakeholder’s Guide To New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year and even though we’re eyeball deep in the age of anxiety, one odd byproduct is it makes the whole resolution thing that much more straightforward. To that end, one simple thing all stakeholders can resolve is making a conscious effort to be more empathetic to one another. Now, let’s look at stakeholder specific resolutions: Board Members Executives Administrators & Staffers Conductors Musicians Volunteers You’re already awesome. …

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