Happy Holidays From Adaptistration

I’m taking the rest of 2020 off from blogging and will be back in the saddle Monday January, 4, 2021! Until then, I hope everyone enjoys a safe and relaxing holiday! If you’re in the mood for a listening tip, Disney released the second installment from The Mandalorian Season 2 Soundtrack, which you can stream on YouTube music. The only thing it’s missing is the absolutely fabulous purpose composed end credits …

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Adapting Stage Acoustics in Response to COVID

Last fall I delivered a lecture in Amsterdam about stage acoustics for orchestras, thinking it was a great opportunity to share what I’d learned over the years and looking forward to further study.  A year later, I have no idea when I’ll be allowed to travel to hear the Concertgebouw again and the picture of an orchestra on a stage – any orchestra on any stage! – looks wildly different than …

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Shop Talk S01E10: Evolving Past Artistic Elitism

This episode was an absolutely perfect combination of topic and guests for an episode to come out during a holiday week. At one hour, the conversation is longer than usual but this is the best time for you to spend the time processing everything these two big brains bring to the table on this topic. While fearlessness and empathy may not be the most common pairing, that’s the best way I …

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How Not To End The Dumpster Fire That Is 2020

2020 has been one series of challenges after another and while many groups have risen to meet the crisis with an eye toward shared sacrifice and longevity, there are always some that opt to engage in some of the very worst of behaviors. And what better way to end 2020 than point out an article by Caitlin Myers in the 12/15/2020 edition of 100daysinappalachia.com that highlights one of the standout labor …

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Sick Day

Looks like the first cold of the season hit, thankfully it’s not terrible but enough of a pain I’m taking the day off blogging. Having said that I do want to point out that there are several new podcast shows and guests added to the production schedule. Rounding out 2020 is a fabulous conversation with conversation with Kenji Bunch and Jenny Bilfield where we tackle the topic of Walking Back Artistic …

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