Here It Is, Your Holiday Moment Of Zen

While I’m sure we would all love to be at a point of getting burnt out with holiday performances this year, that doesn’t really detract from the enjoyment of this holiday classic. You know it, you love, it, and it just isn’t the holiday season without it…even in 2020: The Messiah Organist Meltdown. If this holiday classic is new to you, give it moment and hang in there until the end; …

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So Many Broken Links

Something I see a number of my Venture users running into as of late is a larger than normal number of links at their website that generate 404 errors. This isn’t surprising as the pandemic forced most organizations into a position where they had to remove quite a few event and static content pages. The more you remove, the more likely an errant internal link pointing to the missing page shows …

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Another Peek Behind The Curtain Of Producing COVID Era Live Events

We’ve been following Jim Farber’s series of articles at as he chronicles how arts orgs and artists navigate the pandemic. His latest entry from 12/9/2020 focuses on how those efforts have evolved and continue to improve. On a positive note, he confirms that the number of frequency of invitations to view and review performances online has been steadily increasing. There’s enough going on that he started to see some stand …

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You Can’t Spell Classical Music Without Classism

The latest entry in the realm of meaningful conversation about diversity in classical music comes from Robert Jackson Wood in the 12/10/2020 edition of The New Republic. Wood takes a different view on the topic by taking aim at those who help influence the discussion: critics (and by extension, media outlets). This is an absolute must-read (h/t Bill Eddins) and the author does a terrific job at adding a great deal …

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I Am Hiring, Come Work With Me

It’s official: I have openings for Principal Software Engineer and Senior Software Engineer (React/AWS) positions to be a part of the Venture Industries Online team. I can’t begin to express how exciting this expansion is, and positions will remain open until a qualified candidate is hired. Venture has always utilized a distributed workforce model and these positions are no exception. We provide a hyper-supportive environment where ideas build incrementally using a …

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