Shop Talk S01E04: Fostering BIPOC And Women Composers

Who says COVID shutdowns mean you can’t have a new music workshop? Nonsense! Necessity is the mother of invention and in this installment of Shop Talk we sit down with the trio of big musical brains responsible for putting together The Great Plains Composition Workshop at the Wichita Symphony Orchestra (WSO), which reached out to BIPOC/women/underrepresented people to apply. And boy did they… Attendees worked directly with today’s podcast guests: Emmy-nominated …

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Shop Talk S01E03: Deconstructing Silos

In the beginning when Artsgod created nonprofit administration, the org chart was a formless void of jack-of-all-trades that covered the face of the deep. Then Artsgod said, “Let there be light” and there was light. Artsgod saw that the light was good; and he separated marketing from development. Artsgod called the light earned income and the darkness was called unearned income. There was now a revenue stream where never the two …

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Shop Talk Last Call: Board Diversity

Grab a cocktail and strap in, we’re going to talk about board diversity with S01E02 guests Weston Sprott and Jason Haaheim. This segment produced a number of memorable quotes: “Power sharing, that’s really what this conversation is all about.” “It’s the modern equivalent of Papal Indulgences.” “Normal led to this, I’m not sure we want to go back.” Guests About Shop Talk The official podcast of, Shop Talk invites captivating guests to …

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Shop Talk S01E02: Art Has Always Been Political

“Yes, duh, art has always been political.” That’s the way one of this episode’s guests described today’s topic, but in the form of one slice of bread used to create the larger sandwich: are opera companies living up to their missions? This episode’s guests include Weston Sprott, Dean of the Preparatory Division at the Juilliard School and a trombonist in the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, and Jason Haaheim, Principal Timpanist of the …

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Shop Talk Last Call: Goals! We Got Goals Around Here!

As promised, today’s post includes the bonus after show content from Shop Talk S01E01: Reaching Diverse Audiences Through The Marcom Lens. This short segment focuses on guests Ann Marie Sorrell and Ceci Dadisman talking about a series of fashion shows designed in conjunction with a multi-year engagement program to improve audience diversity. FYI, this is the segment mentioned earlier in the week that I’m opening up to reader questions. Guests About …

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